I feel I don't have enough programming experience to write about this subject but I'm looking for a new programming language I'd like to learn. My ideal language would satisfy certain criteria.

  1. Able to write low-level code (manual memory mangement, pointers)</li>
  2. Able to write high-level</strong> code with object-level abstraction. Modularity, object-inheritance, automated string manipulation etc. Have most features from modern high-level languages like Python or Ruby.</li>
  3. Be beautiful like Ruby</strong>! Aesthetics isn't just about eye candy. @DHH said it best: we shouldn't call ourselves software engineers but software writers! Efficient languages have less clutter and are motivating to write. Do not repeat yourself.</li>

    I feel like the people who write low-level programming languages have very good technical know-how but aren't that interested in creating a language that would be pleasant to write. It might seem a great idea at first but then when you need high-level language you have to switch languages.</p>
    For example if we're doing a game from bottom to top, we shouldn't have to use low-level language like C++ to write the engine and then write the game logic or menus or whatever with Python.

    My favourite candidate for this is Crystal</a></strong>, but it's still too small, and isn't highly developed on low-level features.</p>

    Another candidate is D</strong>, which has lots of features (many of which I do not understand).</p>
    The best prospect is Rust</strong> I guess.

    Going to update the article in the future, regarding my findings