I have spent quite a bit of time reading things from many fields. I think people read way too much stuff they already</em> agree with. In that case you aren't really learning anything new, just confirming your biases. Sounds obvious</em> but changing beliefs isn't always that easy.</p>

Many people adopt beliefs from their environment without really questioning them. I have changed radically my beliefs either through life experience or just by learning something new. I think one trick here is to put some emotional distance </strong></em>between our beliefs. And I'm using beliefs here in the most vague </a>way.</p>

I think it's easy to obsess about rationality </em>to unhealthy degree, but there certainly are some models you can adopt to become a bit more rational.</p>

I think a lot of problems in this world would be fixed (or rather would not exist) if the right information had found the right people. This might be sound kind of vague to most people, but this is the intellectual advice I'd give to my younger self.</p>