Thought about putting some goals for myself. I’m leaving out stuff related to socializing.

Short term goals.

  1. Establish active exercise routine. Preferably 4x cardio and 2x weights.
  2. Try to commit every day to some software project.
  3. Read more books
  4. Make a small project in either D, Rust or Crystal

Medium term goals.

  1. Make a Linux device driver
  2. Learn a new programmin language
  3. Revere-engineer Playstation controller

Long term goals.

  1. Create a game I’d like to play.
  2. Learn piano and arrange a few songs
  3. Make a chiptune or two
  4. Publish a scientic article

I think this is a good exercise for anyone. Even though nobody really cares, putting them down publicly makes yourself accountable. You can check back later.