I'm only a recreational backpacker but if you need a similar list of some lightweight gear this might save you the trouble! Of course doing that research can be fun too, which probably the reason I'm writing this article! The whole gear list is available here</a>, but I'll explain the reasoning in my blog post.</div>



[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]asd GG Crown VC 60 and its HDPE frame sheet with extra stays[/caption]

I bought Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60. Granite Gear is known to make very lightweight gear with durability in mind. I also had Osprey Exos 58 (1140 g) but it didn't seem very solid or durable. Exos is a bit heavier too but carries much more load, and has much more features (easy access drinking bottle pockets, hip belt pockets, lots of other pockets, whistle etc.) The reason I like my GG Crown is not only its great looks but its weight (980 g), its great padding and durable fabrics. It has a roll-down closure which is easy to use though, and can carry more than the heavier Exos in volume, plus it has options to carry stuff below the pack. Hip Belt is missing from the picture though.

However Crown is spec'd for 35 lbs (15.8) which is less than Exos. So I took my broken drying rack, took a metal tube out of it, put some duct tape at the ends (unaesthetically as you can see), and put it through the HDPE frame sheet, and mirabile dictu it became very good at carrying higher loads. I don't know yet what its maximum comfortable range but its over what I need (35 lbs) for sure. I didn't use all holes for the tubes since it would have been too stiff. If you want to be UL hero, you could use titanium or aluminium tubes. Total weight is 1080 g which is still less than Exos, and all in all its a great pack. I highly recommend.

Another option would have been HMG Porter</a> suggested by the good folks of BPL, reviewed here. It has more price and worse looks but quite less weight (715 g). Also BPL reviewers claim decent durability which can be a problem with UL gear. I'm interested in padding and durability, not absolute weight savings, all of which Crown seem to be good at. No doubt Porter would still be a good pack given what I've read, but I'm more than happy with this.

Other packs of interest